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Formula for Success: S+A+C ing Your Debt!

Once you’ve been deemed a suitable match for the Settlement Performance program, we abide by the 90 / 10 rule. What’s the 90 / 10 rule? Performance Settlement will be doing 90% of the work as your anti-debt advocate, but we’ll still need your cooperation to complete that final 10% as we sprint through the finish line together. Don’t worry, our 90% will consist of the time consuming, stressful tasks like negotiating your debts, minimizing collector harassment, and establishing new relationships with creditors, collectors, and law firms. Your 10% is actually very minimal, BUT is of equal importance! We can’t do this without you and you will not succeed in our program if you disengage. In order to sack your debt, all you have to do is S+A+C your debt. The formula below explains it all: SAVINGS + APPROVALS + CORRESPONDENCE = SUCCESS.


Once debt resolution is found to be a suitable solution for you, Settlement Performance will finalize your savings plan consisting of a specific monthly savings amount over a certain period of time. These funds will be held in your own trust account and you must ensure your savings are drafted as scheduled. Settlement Performance will utilize these savings to negotiate your enrolled debts, and no savings = no settlements.


Upon Settlement Performance negotiating a settlement on your behalf, we will contact you in order to obtain approval for the settlement. We will only accept and pay a settlement on your behalf remember, savings are kept in your personal trust account so we cannot move forward without your consent. Whether you receive an Email, phone call, letter, text, telegram, smoke signal, you get the idea, you MUST promptly respond. While ASAP seems an unrealistic expectation of anyone, please try to respond within 24 hours as all settlements have expiration dates. We can’t guarantee the same great deal will still be there come next month, and we earn our fees by settling your debts. Help us help you.


Throughout the collection process your debt is going to change hands multiple times. As this occurs, you will receive correspondence in the form of mail from the newest company now handling the enrolled debt. We ask that you fax or email it to Performance Settlement so we can update our records. This will save time and energy in locating your debt and can have a great impact on finding your next settlement much more quickly. In fact, as a result of your being enrolled in our program you may even receive a settlement offer directly! Whenever in doubt, send it to us so we have the most recent information and will know who we need to talk to.