The Performance Settlement Way

Performance Settlement has the utmost empathy and respect for those in financial turmoil. Many of us are unemployed, underemployed, or find ourselves in the midst of a hardship that makes our financial obligations seem impossible to fulfill. Our primary objective is to customize a plan of attack to defeat your debt in a manner that makes sense for your specific situation. debt resolution is not always the answer for all consumers, but doing nothing about your situation will NEVER provide you relief. As overwhelmed as you may be right now, you’re only 8 Stages away from changing your financial path forever.


Stage 1:
Request a free financial assessment with one of our Debt Analysts through our website, phone, or email. We will review your current situation, explore what your objectives are, and create a customized program that fits your needs. If we find that you’re not a fit for our program, we’ll still check with our debt settlement affiliate to see  if relief can be found elsewhere.

Stage 2:
Once all pertinent information is gathered, your Debt Analyst will propose a savings plan suitable for your personal situation. Your monthly savings amount can actually be much less than the minimum payments you are currently making, and the average plan length is between 24-48 months depending on total debt and debt types.

Stage 3:
After you finalize the terms of your plan, your Debt Analyst will provide an overview of enrollment documents that will eventually require your signature. The enrollment package will consist of various documents like disclosures, a debtor list, and an ACH agreement so savings can be drafted into your trust account. Performance Settlement prides itself on complete transparency, so it’s important that you truly know what you’re signing up for and know what to expect.

Stage 4:
Upon your enrollment into our program, you will be assigned your own personal Settlement Advisor. Basically, you will have your own concierge and should receive the type of concierge-like service you deserve but with a dash of accountability. From settling your debts to handling irate creditors to simply being a great listener, your Settlement Advisor’s success is directly tied to your success in the program. Again, it’s a win-win situation. You can also expect your Settlement Advisor to give you status updates each month in order to keep you on track with the program.


Stage 5:
Once your savings are built up to an adequate level, Performance Settlement will begin reaching out to creditors/collectors on your behalf. The precise timing of this stage is uniquely dependent on the terms of your plan and therefore varies. However, once it begins things really get exciting! We will negotiate until we reach the best possible settlement available at that time.

Stage 6:
A settlement has been reached, now what? You will receive a request from us to approve your settlement. Other than saving and sending us your correspondence, this is of the utmost importance. Settlements have expiration dates and we cannot guarantee that a better settlement will be available again, so it’s best to take advantage of the opportunity when it presents itself.

Stage 7: 
Once you approve the settlement, we will coordinate payment instructions to the creditor with your trust company. After first payment is disbursed, we then collect fees. Remember, we stand by the name Performance Settlement and we only expect payment after we perform for you. Stage 7 will repeat over and over again until we’ve settled all of your debts.

Stage 8:
Stage 8 is the scariest, yet most wonderful Stage of all because it’s yet to be defined. It’s time for you to fill in the blank pages of your life with the hopes and dreams you had before being dragged down by debt. How are you going to utilize your monthly savings amount now? Are you going to build wealth through investing? Take a dream vacation? The one thing we don’t want to see is your re-enrollment in our program. While most businesses love repeat customers, that’s not Performance Settlement. Our hope for you is that throughout this process you’ve learned enough about healthy and unhealthy financial behaviors where you’ll never be in the same predicament again.


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